Aliens Features

Aliens Information

  • Game Type: Slotmachine
  • Software: NetEnt

7Slotmachines tested and reviewed the alien slotmachine from NetEnt: Aliens and you are about to get the results. In this review you will read about our experience with the slotmachine game and our back testing results from a thousand spins. The slotmachine game: Aliens is based on the horror movie Aliens from 1986. If you’re a science fiction fan, this is your game. The graphics of the game are quite nice with visual exciting 3d effects. The symbols on the reels of Aliens consist of, you could have already guessed it, aliens!

Design of the slotmachine game looks, in some way, a lot like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, before you start a multiplayer match. Black, space grey and dark blue are the colors used in the theme. The Aliens soundtrack is quite cool, though.

Aliens slotmachine game features

Whenever you start playing Aliens and you score a winning combination (there’s 15 win lines, so that should be quite easy), you will activate the so called Alien Activity Meter. The more winning symbols, the more squares on the meter has to be filled with aliens, I guess we go alien huntin’ huh? If you have a consecutive winning spin, aliens are added to your Alien Activity Meter, if you don’t win anything on a spin after a winning one, one alien is removed from the meter. This repeats until there’s no more aliens on your meter.

When your Alien Meter is filled completely, your first bonus game will be triggered, called The Encounter. You will receive a certain amount of few free spins and with each free spin you will win at least one prize guaranteed. After every spin there’s a round of shooting where there’s gonna be an alien killed yes or no, you don’t have any influence on this whatsoever. When any alien enters the spaceship, your free spins will continue. If you fail to kill the aliens, ‘you’re dead’ and go back to basic spinning. If you kill ten aliens in a row, the second bonus game will start: The Hive.

Goal of The Hive is to beat the Queen of the aliens. This is one big, old ’n ugly b*tch that you should kill ASAP! I personally think this is awesome designed by the developers at NetEnt, but sadly, as a player, you don’t have any influence in whether you kill her or not. After all that’s quite logical, it’s a slot, not a skill game and luck should be a factor and no video gaming involved.

Aliens slotmachine game review conclusion and experience

I actually quite like this game. A nice move themed slotmachine game which perfectly suits any Aliens film or science function fan. Although the basic spinning is not that rewarding, it’s mostly the bonus games that make this game cool and more profitable.

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