EggOMatic Features

EggOMatic Information

  • Game Type: Slotmachine
  • Software: NetEnt

In today’s slotmachine review, we are going to back test and gather information about EggOMatic, a famous slotmachine developed by NetEnt. Although it’s certainly not easter yet, I decided to play 1000 spins on this egg themed slotmachine. EggOMatic is situated in an egg factory, led by some mechanical chicken, filled with mechanical chickens and eggs. Who though this up? Anyway the factory, the slot itself, looks like a factory and is quite unique type of slotmachine. The mechanical factory sounds are quite funny, although the chickens certainly do not look happy at all.

EggOMatic Slotmachine Features

The EggOMatic slot has 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 win lines. The minimum bet per spin is $0.20. The symbols consist of the following: 5 different mechanical chickens, 5 mechanical smaller chickens each with a different color and a wild symbol, a mechanical chicken holding a huge wild symbol above his head. I have to be honest here, and that’s that you cannot see clearly whether you have a winning spin or not. Most of the times you think you have won, then you look closer and realize, that you didn’t. What I do think is funny is that the symbols are on a rope instead of a stick and according to the weight of the chicken standing on top of it, the rope drops accordingly.

Above the reels of the slot, you see a conveyor belt. On the conveyer belt bonus eggs are popped out of some sort of machine in the upper right corner of the screen. This seem to happen completely random and each spin the bonus eggs on the conveyer belt shift one square to the left. After five spins the bonus egg disappears from your screen. If a wild symbol appears on a reel under the bonus egg, the egg falls down, the chicken opens it and you are entitled a bonus.

There’s four different bonus eggs. At first there’s the Coin Win Egg. This bonus is quite easy, you win coins, cash. You minimally win 2.5 times your bet per spin and the maximum win is 125 times your bet per spin. If you play with the minimum bet per spin of $0.20, the maximum amount you can win with these cash bonus eggs is $25 per pop. The second bonus egg is called the Spreading Wild Egg. All symbols around the wild symbol also change into wild symbols. This egg is way more rare but also way more profitable than the coin win egg. If you get this bonus egg in the middle of your screen, you’re in for a Super Mega Win.

The third bonus egg is called the Free Spins Egg. With this bonus egg you get at least 7 and a maximum of 50 free spins. During the free spins a lot more bonus eggs appear at the conveyor belt than normal. The last bonus egg is called the Surprise Egg. This is like the name says, a surprise. You don’t know what you’re gonna get, it’s a random effect from the other bonus eggs.

EggOMatic Slotmachine Review Conclusion and Experience

I have quite good experiences with this slot. I have played on it regularly in the past and have won 1.300+ Euro once with 0.40 EUR bet per spin and a 50 Euro deposit, a few years ago. I totally get why this slotmachine is quite popular, it’s a unique way of playing slots and quite rewarding. In my honest opinion every casino player should have tried this slotmachine, to see how it works and pays out. According to NetEnt the payout (RTP) is 96,5%, I think this is quite good for a slotmachine like this. The game also stretches your Dollar quite far as in that you can literally play for like 2 hours with just $20 to $50. I highly suggest other slotmachine lovers to at least have a look at the game.