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  • Game Type: Slotmachine
  • Software: Microgaming

Today 7Slotmachines reviewed and back tested the most popular Microgaming slotmachine game ever, Game of Thrones. In this slot review you will find all necessary information you need, a full win rate back test video and a free tip for the highest possible payout.

Slotmachines that are based on a movie or tv series blockbuster are often weak in payouts. Therefor 7Slotmachines had not to high expectations of the game. However, every single online casino that features the slotmachines powered by Microgaming, has Game of Thrones in their top 10 most played slots. Tens of thousands of players like the game and play it quite frequently. Because of the game being so insanely popular, 7Slotmachines decided to back test the win rate with our famous 1000 spins test and completely review the slot.

Game of Thrones Slotmachine Game Features

The graphically super high quality designed slotmachine game Game of Thrones comes in two formats, one with 15 win lines and one with 243 ways. The 243 ways version is the most popular one and because of this we back tested this version of the game. The minimum bet at Game of Thrones 243 is $0.30 per spin. All winning combinations can be zigzag on the screen, just like at Twin Spin for example. With 5 reels and 3 positions per reel, there are 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243 combinations possible. The symbols consist of symbols from the HBO tv series and some regular ones like J, Q, K and A, this time designed in Game of Thrones font and style.

Further more, there’s a wild symbol, the entire Game of Thrones logo. The wild symbols are stacked on the reels. Stacked means that they are, well, stacked on top of each other. Because of the stacked wilds you can get exciting combinations that pay out way more than normal, and it’s possible to have multiple wilds in one single spin. Whenever you spin 3 or more scatter symbols (the famous Iron Crown), regardless of location, the bonus feature starts. The bonus game is quite lucrative and super exciting to say the least. At the beginning of the bonus game you get to choose from 4 different options that are named after the royal families fighting each other in Game of Thrones: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen.

The difference in features is the amount of free spins that you choose. The more free spins, the lower multiplier on them you will receive. Apart from that, there are a few extra stacked symbols on the reels during your free spins. Game of Thrones has an extra option: you can choose to double up your win from last spin. This type of gambling consists of a simple head-or-tails game that you might know from other slotmachines, this time entirely in Game of Thrones style.

I do not know if the chance to win this heads-or-tails game is exactly 50%, like it should. Because of this reason, I do not encourage using this feature.

Tip: Which Game of Thrones Slotmachine game is better?

Like I told you before, the Game of Thrones 243 ways is way more popular under online casino players compared to the 15 win line one. I do understand why, the combination of stacked reels and 243 win lines can net insanely high prizes. The maximum prize on a single spin is $121,000, and that’s at a maximum bet per spin of $6. The Game of Thrones slot with 15 win lines has a slightly less spectacular top prize of $75,000. But, little hint here: the 15 line one, although being less popular, has a higher payout percentage. Where the 243 way version pays out (RTP) 94,86%, the 15 lines one pays out 96,37%. So even Game of Thrones 15 looks less exciting, long term it pays of better.

Game of Thrones Slotmachine Game Review Conclusion and Experience

The Game of Thrones slot is designed in a wonderful way and holds you in it’s grip from the first moment, just like the HBO tv series. With relatively low bets you can win spectacular high amounts of money. Prizes of more than 100 to 200 times your bet per spin are no exception, so each spin is super exciting. I am seriously happy with the game and would play it again, with 1000 spins real money on $0.30 per spin, $300 total. I will post a video of this next month and will do detailed back testing.

Playing Game of Thrones Slotmachine Game for Free

It’s possible to play Game of Thrones for free at LeoVegas Casino with a $5 no deposit bonus. Just register an account there and you will receive a $5 real money starting balance, just for signing up. My personal advice is to deposit $100 if you want to play the slotmachine game long enough to see all it’s features and get some nice results. Why $100? Because LeoVegas will match your first deposit with a 200% bonus. This way, you would start with a $300 balance, which is exactly enough to play 1000 spins on the slot. Little secret for all you professional slotmachine players out there: playing Game of Thrones a thousand spins using a first deposit bonus at LeoVegas is a very nice way of bonus hunting, as you will play trough the bonus super smoothly and with a 94%+ win rate you are almost guaranteed a profit. Just play $0.30 per spin and don’t increase your bet per spin at all, even if you are suffering from an extensive loss streak.