Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Features

  • Sticky 'Walking Wilds'
  • 10 Free Spins Bonus Game
  • Extra Symbols Unlocked trough Keys
  • 96.41% AVG. Payout

Jack and the Beanstalk Information

I was actually a bit stunned when I watched the intro movie for Jack and the Beanstalk for this first time. Disney and Pixar can learn a lot from the animators of NetEnt. Check out the vid to see what I mean:

In the intro animation we see how a somewhat silly Jack, hair a little bit to long, lazy facial expression, legs like Joe from Family Guy, escapes in the clouds from a two headed, angry giant. The giant is angry because Jack stole his chicken which lays golden eggs. The question remains: How does Jack stay away from this angry giant?

Jack ends up somewhere in the clouds by making use of his extremely fast growing beanstalk.

Although the intro video makes us thing differently, in the slotmachine game itself, we start with Jack on ground level.

On the background we see Jack’s small shed on the left and the beginning of a forest at our right side. In front of the slotmachine game we see a not-so-neat garden which includes a rusty old water pourer and a tree stump where Jack practices his lumberjack skills.

The slotmachine game contains symbols of Jack’s daily life. On the reels we see a bucket, a lumberjack axe and a lot of symbols made from pieces of beanstalk. Jack himself is also featured on the reels and is the most valuable. The two headed giant misses from the reels and we cannot find him anywhere, except from the introduction video.

Jack and the Beanstalk and it’s features

The slotmachine itself has 5 reels and 20 win lines. Minimum bet is at $0.01 per spin. Using multiple bet levels and coin values this can go up all the way to $200 per spin. What makes Jack and the Beanstalk unique, is it so called ‘walking wilds’. If a wild appears, you will always get a free spin, and the wild will move one square to the left. This repeats until the wild is gone from your screen.

It’s possible that multiple walking wilds will appear, even when you are free spinning on other walking wilds. End result is that you will get more and more wilds, exciting and profitable!

What I have to say in all honesty though, is that the amount of money you can win from the normal spins, are somehow quite small compared to the bonus feature(s) of the game. The bonus feature at Jack and the Beanstalk consists of 10 free spins. This bonus game starts whenever you spin the reels and 3 treasure chests appear.

During the 10 free spins an extra three symbols are added to the reels: a bundle of cash, a stolen golden chicken and a harp. The first two symbols quite logical and fit with the novel, the harp however, is a complete mystery to me.

All the symbols count as wilds. The bundle of cash icons always shows up twice, above each other whilst the chicken always appears three times on the reels. If you hit the harp at any point, it collapses over the entire reel, similar to the star at Starburst.

Just like the normal wild, these three symbols are walking wilds, which always reward one or more free spins and move one square to the left after each spin, until they disappear from the reel.

These three extra symbols do not show up immediately during the bonus game. On reel 5 there’s always an extra symbol, being a key. You have to spin the key three times before the bundle of cash is able to appear. The next three keys (4,5,6) will unlock the stolen golden chicken and the three keys after the 6th (7,8,9) will make the harp able to appear.

This is all featured in the bonus game consisting of 10 free spins. It looks like a small timeframe indeed but in our back test we experienced positive results, being able to save 6 to 9 keys quite often during the bonus game.

Jack and the Beanstalk review conclusion

Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the best slotmachine games developed by NetEnt, designed in a cheerful way and a feast for the eye. It’s a nice slotmachine game with a lot of small humoristic aspects. If you look closely you can look at birds flapping around that are pulling tricks on each other. If at one point, you’re having a small loss streak, you just look at that silly Jack and you will immediately cheer up.

If you want to play long with your money, Jack and the Beanstalk is a great choice, because of the low minimum spin requirement and many free spins you can get if you hit any walking wilds.

Just because you can play long with your money, doesn’t mean Jack and the Beanstalk doesn’t pay out well, big amounts. If you’re a bit lucky, quite a lot of profit can be made during the bonus features free spins. From our experience the bonus games really vary in payout. Sometimes you just win your spin bet value times 1.5 or 2, sometimes you win more than hundred times your wager.

In my honest opinion Jack and the Beanstalk is a great adventure, that every slotmachine lover should have played atleast once. If you like this slotmachine, you’re most likely to play on it more often.

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