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If you like playing slotmachines where you can jackpots up to millions, yes, millions of Dollars, then Mega Fortune is the best slotmachine for you. Since it’s been introduced seven years ago in 2009, it has still today one of the most popular videoslots from game developer NetEnt. The popularity of Mega Fortune has its roots in the Guiness Book of Records.

In 2014, a 47 year old guy from Finland won 17.861.813 Euro (just under $20 million), by playing Mega Fortune. His wager per spin? 0.25, ($0.30). This until this day, is the highest internet casino jackpot win in history and is therefore documented in the Guiness Book of Records.

The chance to win such a huge amount of money might seem small, but if you look closely at the Mega Fortune jackpot history, you will find out that the grand prize (the Mega Jackpot) is won about once per 13 weeks and that the average win is about $5 million, which is enough to quit any job and move to some tropical island.

The Mega Fortune jackpot is won so often because it’s a so called ‘pooled jackpot’. This ‘pooled’ means that it’s shared by multiple internet casinos that offer the game to their players. The jackpot is being filled by players from all the online casinos at the same time, so that adds up quite quickly.

At this moment the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot is around $5.3 million.

Mega Fortune slotmachine features

Mega Fortune has 25 win lines and you can play them from a minimum bet of $0.01 per line. The slotmachine game features 5 reels with 3 symbols each. The symbols are represented by images of luxury items: a diamond Rolex, a limousine, a glass of Cognac with a fat cigar, a Yacht and Wild and Free Spin symbols.

A bottle of champagne represents the scatter symbol and if you spin 3 or more scatter symbols, you will win free spins. Click on one of the champagne bottles to see how many free spins you get and with which multiplier.

If you get 2 or more scatter symbols during your free spins, then you’re allowed to click another bottle of champagne. This time you will get another series of free spins OR your multiplier is increased.

But, Mega Fortune, of course, is about the jackpot(s). These you can win by playing the bonus game. The bonus game starts when you spin 3 bonus symbols in a row on any of the reels at any time.

When the bonus game start, you will see a sort of Wheel of Fortune with not one, but three rotating boards. At first, the wheel at the border of your screen starts to turn. If the wheel lands on any amount, you will win that amount in cash money and the bonus game ends. If the wheel ends on an arrow, then the bonus game continues with the middle wheel. The amounts on this wheel are a lot higher and there are 2 zones marked ‘RAPID’. If you spin the wheel and it lands on these zones, you win the rapid jackpot, which most often contains a couple hundred bucks.

If the middle wheel also lands on an arrow, things are getting extremely exciting. Then you move on to the small middle wheel, with just 12 zones, 10 of which contain super high cash amounts. The 11h zone is for the Major Jackpot, which contains a couple thousand Dollar, at all times. If you are super lucky and hit the 12th spot, you win the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot, which always contains several Million Dollars.

Mega Fortune Review Conclusion and Experience

If you like playing slotmachines for just one or several really big prizes, then Mega Fortune is your game! The basic gameplay I don’t think is to spectacular, but the bonus game is, of course, extremely exciting, especially when you’re lucky enough to make it to the middle wheel.

So if you just wanna gamble a few Dollars a month and do not care to win tenners or several hundreds, look no further, Mega Fortune is your slot. Internet casinos brought many good things for gamblers and ‘Pooled’ jackpots are one of the best features. Thanks to this casino jackpot sharing system, even small time gamblers can wager and have a chance to win live changing amounts of money.