Pyramid – Quest for Immortality

Pyramid – Quest for Immortality Features

Pyramid – Quest for Immortality Information

  • Game Type: Slotmachine
  • Software: NetEnt

Today 7Slotmachines reviewed and play tested Pyramid – Quest for Immortality, a famous NetEnt slotmachine game. I have to start off saying that I honestly do not know why there’s so many online slots containing an Egyptian theme. I literally know like ten of those, so most likely, they are quite popular under slotmachine players. Game developer NetEnt had just one Egyptian themed slot for ages (Secrets of Horus) so they probably thought they could do better and designed a new one: Pyramid – Quest for Immortality.

What I instantly like about this game is that it’s actually in the shape of a pyramid, something new. Also the maximum prize amount is quite high with up to 36.000 times max bet. We back tested the slots win rate by playing 1000 spins of a Dollar each.

Pyramid Slotmachine Game Features

Pyramid has no reels. Instead of that the symbols (Egyptian signs and the famous card symbols 10, J, Q, K, A) are displayed on individual blocks. Pyramid also does not have any win lines. You win a prize if three or more symbols drop in connected columns, from left to right. Seen from left to right, the columns are 3, 4, 5, 4 and 3 blocks high. This way you have 3 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 3 = 720 ways of having a winning combination. If, for instance only blocks with a J would show up, you would win 720 times the price associated with five J’s. If you score any winning combination, the winning symbols and the other ones drop down and in empty spots new symbols will appear. This Avalanche feature you might be familiar with from NetEnt’s other famous game: Gonzo’s Quest.

As long as you get winning combination, blocks explode and new blocks appear. This way you can win a series of multiple prizes in just one spin. After three won prizes in a streak like that, a multiplier of x 2 is activated. If you get another three winning combinations, the multiplier increases to x 3 etc. At the end of each spin the multiplier drops back to x 1.

Pyramid Slotmachine Wild Generations

The Pyramid slotmachine game has a special feature which can net you quite a lot of wilds. When the upper blocks of column 2, 3 or 4 are part of a winning combo, the blocks don’t just explode, but they turn into wild symbols. That’s sweet, but also profitable if no other blocks explode in the same column. In this case the wild symbols stay on top positions and will turn into new wilds next spin in to infinity. If you have a winning streak like this, your profits rack up quite quickly, due to the increasing multiplier.

Pyramid – Quest for Immortality Review Conclusion and Experience

With the Pyramid slotmachine game sometimes you have to go trough quite a long period of no profits at all to end up in a massive winning streak. So in my opinion this slot either wins you much or loses you quite a bit, there’s no chance for results in between. Most slotmachine players are positive about the game whilst others aren’t. The ones that aren’t probably should play games that reward faster on a per spin basis than one where you have to play quite a while with a solid bank roll to see it’s results. I definitely recommend trying Pyramid out at least once to see the pyramid shaped format of the game and enjoy the exciting multiplier and wild system.