What are scatters on a slotmachine?

Scatters are symbols that don’t have to be on a win line to create a winning combination.

Nowadays there’s almost no online slotmachine without them, scatters. A real good explanation of what scatters actually are is the sentence above.

Scatter symbol history

Unclear? No problem, let’s start at the beginning. Back in the days slotmachines had just one win line, because there was no such thing as the internet just yet. When the slotmachine was still very new, that was no problem at all, but playing endlessly on a one line slotmachine became quite boring for most players. Also, you always had to have the same two or three symbols over and over again (a cherry, a lemon, an orange, a bell, a seven or a BAR symbol) to win a prize. Slotmachine producers found a solution on this problem quite quickly. The cherries on slotmachines where programmed differently from that moment. From then, you would be entitled a prize, even if you had just two cherries on your screen, regardless of location. Therefor the ‘cherry’ was the first type of scatter in slotmachine history.

Scatters nowadays still work the same. However, the scatters do not come in the form a cherry anymore (okay, sometimes they still do on retro slots). The scatter symbols come in all sorts today. Scatter symbols can be flowers, crowns, treasure chests, Dollar signs, gold bars, beehives and you name it. Most often, three or more scatter symbols entitle you a prize. The scatter symbols do not have to be on a win line on the slot, but rather can be on random zigzag locations, as long as they are on the screen. Sometimes they also act as a wild, but not necessary. On slots with bonus features, scatters most often trigger a bonus game or rewards free spins, but that depends per slot.

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