Slot cheat reveals how he scammed casino’s out of their money

Mister D earned boat loads of money by rigging casino slotmachines. Watch this interesting video about this slotmachine scam legend. Cheating in casinos is getting more and more difficult. Nowadays there’s cameras in every single corner and you are even getting bugged at the roulette table. Yet, there’s a scammer out there, that claims to have earned loads of money by manipulating casino slotmachines in Las Vegas, under the name Mister D.

National Geographic made a documentary with starring him: Casino Wars, Beating Vegas. This slot cheat has 26 complaints of cheating in his pocket, so his stories must be based on some sort of truth. Mister D. says himself: ‘I don’t gamble, I cheat. That’s what I do.’ So how does he does this, this slot cheating?

Slot cheat D. discovered that most of the older slotmachines worked with a light signal to track how many coins they paid out. This light signal is hidden above the metal cash out bin where the coins all fall in with a lot of catchingy sounds, whenever you have a winning combination.

So what did the cheat actually do? He produced a small device, with a strong UV lamp inside of it. This machine he stuck in to the payout bins so that the lamp blinded the light signal of the slot. What happened next was that whenever D. won a prize, the slotmachines would pay out until there is no single coin left in the payout cilinder. The slotmachine itself didn’t know how much was already paid out and how many coins had to follow…

With newer slotmachines you cannot do this, I can guarantee you that. This is because most new slotmachines payout in the form of a printed ticket. That doesn’t matter, because Mister D. has a lot more tricks up his sleeve, to adjust slotmachine performances. One of them being the ‘credit blaster’, a device he sticks in the slot where normally you have to put your bills in. Fascinating. But this is not all. The documentary also reveals tricks at the roulette and craps table. A professional blackjack player Josh Axelrad explains how he earned about $700.000 counting cards.

Watch the entire 45 minute documentary Casino Wars to see how the slotmachine tricks where done:

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